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SPECIAL NOTE !!!  Make Sure you know that USPS does not allow insurance over 50 dollars to Your location overseas.. We will customs value the package for that.. We will Provide the tracking number we get from USPS...  if for some reason it gets lost, stolen, damaged we are not responsible and we will not refund any amount of monies..  If you want it to be insured for the amount you paid then it will have to go UPS or Fedex and shipping will be around 80 to 150 and customs amount has to be what the insurance matchs.. thats why we dont use them..

Due to popular demand  we have decided to open up sales to those areas except the middle east (Israel OK). However warenties are void for overseas sales and there are no returns or refunds for any reason this is not negotiable we are going out of way to absorb the hassles so be apprectiative.  If our 2nd party venders wish to give refunds they may due so at their own expense. However upgrades and updates to our mounts will still be available to overseas purchaser's and notification and prices will be given as they come available. If you need your mount serviced for any reason please contact us and we will give you a quote. Be aware all repairs and shipping back to you must be paid in advance.   

DISCLAIMER: We would like to thank you for your purchase. Your unit should give you good service for a long time.  We assume no liability for personal or any other injury from  use of the products we sell. Further we assume no liability for personal injury or damage to property from the use of this or any product produced or sold by AVerticalView. In plain language, you assume all liability from this products use. Since building this type of equipment is an on going process any input for improvement will be appreciated. We also welcome feed back with pictures of the product in use. Your unit has been test flown to make sure all components work together properly so if you encounter any problem please contact us. We will get back to you in a timely manner and will make every effort to help you through any difficulty you encounter. We hope you enjoy using your new search and rescue Drone.  We enjoyed building it for you and look forward to hearing from you.

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