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Jim and Ron have both been involved with model aviation for many years.

Jim our Helicopter Pilot and Electronics Tech   has been in RC since 1970 at the age of 15 built his first RC plane and at the age of 23 flew his first RC Helicopter a now vintage Revoloution a 40 size powered by a K&B 40 airplane motor. Then followed a GMP Cricket and GMP cobra and has flown darn near every brand of RC Helicopter made to date. Gradute of North Salem High Oregon, then to college for an Electronics Degree and Back to Central Oregon Community College in 1990 for a business degree His passion remains with helicopters but the growing intrest and need for UAV and FPV aircraft has diverted a lot of his attention and desire to develop in those areas. He unfortunatly became disabled in 1995 due to a major car accident and a couple years later a back injury on his job currently his disability has worsened substantially so he now is devoting time for Church, Family and when he can for Hobbiest's around the world in the design field.

Ron in R&D and CNC operations
started building models in the 40's after WWII at the age of six. Allways fascinated by aviation he soloed a J-3 Cub at the age of 16. He owned his first plane while in hi-school working to pay it off at the local airport. While in hi-school he built and flew u-control and even built his own design for a galloping ghost radio.  Ron started out at college but had to enlist in the Air Force to keep from getting drafted in the Army and spent over a year going to very specialized schools in electronics. He spent the following years after tech. school involved in the Minute Man missle system at both Great Falls MT and Minot ND. Even while in the Air Force Ron built radio control models and while station at Lowery AFB in Denver learn to fly a reed system. He has over the years designed and built many successful r/c aircraft and has lost count of the number  built. He achieved the rating of commercial pilot but quite flying some years ago. Ron is retired now and devotes his time cutting out parts for Hobbiests with the two CNC routers he built. He looks forward to serving those who need his help in building and designing what ever is needed.

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