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USA ORDERS !!!!!!!!

Drone Warranty: All products manufactured by AVertcialView  are warranted to be free of mechanical defects such as special cnc parts or 3D printed parts. Due to the nature of G-10 and the 3D printing process's the surface and finish is not warranted. If your product is damaged due to disassembly, a crash or misuse  it will be  determined by us if this warranty will not cover said product. If your product is damaged it may be return to us postage paid and it will be repaired or replaced  not to exceed 50% of its purchased price. This repair refers only to the parts built from G-10 or ABS material. It does not  refer to servos, belts or pulleys or carbon booms. If these parts are damaged please email us for replacement prices. You pay shipping for any part shipped to us and we pay return shipping on warranty items. If the mount is damaged due to a crash, it is recommended you return the entire mount with all components for repair as needed. In the case a part made from G-10 is damaged and you feel you can repair it email for the price and availability. If the part is not in stock it will be made for you and shipped at your request cost plus shipping. The terms above only apply to the original purchaser of mount. If you are not original owner You may email us with pictures of damage and we can quote you a price to repair it.

DISCLAIMER: We would like to thank you for your purchase. Your unit should give you good service for a long time. It is made from a fiber resin or carbon composite material that is light and strong and virtually fireproof. Your unit has been test flown to make sure all components work together properly so if you encounter any problem please contact us. We will get back to you in a timely manner and will make every effort to help you through any difficulty you encounter. We hope you enjoy your Aircraft. We enjoyed building it for you and look forward to hearing from you.

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