Why our service is the Best

Besides our many years of RC Piloting experience.. We are a Christian based entity so we are non biased toward any person or persons needing assistance and are compassionate towards our clients concerns


Team Managers are retired so are availability is quick to dispatch


We work as a non profit entity so our labor is all Free of charge.


We have a team that are on call that will provide multiple coverage

Here serving Central Oregon and the World with A- Vertical-View
Ninja Rev

Ninja Rev

CEO and Pilot

Piloting RC Aircraft for over 30 years including helicopters, Planes and Drones



CNC / Engineer / Navigation

15 years in CNC manufacturing and Aircraft Engineering and holds a Multi -Engine Pilot License.... Lead Ground Support and Nav Piloting



Sales Executive / Videographer / Pilot

Unparalleled sales experience working for multiple companies obtaining jobs and setting up photo ops also has experience flying various drone aircraft and providing footage and photos he is currently at the helm of AD HOC Robotics Group in Roseburg Oregon visit his website http://www.davetechconsulting.com/

Princess Warrior

Princess Warrior


Gifted Writer / Record Keeper providing ground support with accurate and detailed records of present and future ops.

What we Do

Provide Search and Rescue Eyes in the sky using drone technology
By Plane

By Plane


Long distance and endurance is the name of the game with this bad boy. Up to 1 Hr flights for long search perimeters camera built in..

By Helicopter

By Helicopter

Century CONDOR

Heavy lifter for dropping medical supplies and ground support

By Multirotor Drone

By Multirotor Drone

DJI Mavic Air

4k video footage up to 3 mile range with obstacle avoidance, gps navigation tight places caves tunnels no problem..

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